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Chiropractic Care at

Brown Chiropractic Center

Your nervous system is the master control center for your entire body. Your brain tells your body what to do by sending messages down the spinal cord and nerves, out to every single organ and cell inside of you. Your body’s cells send messages back up to the brain using those same nerves.

With this constant loop of information happening behind the scenes, it’s no wonder that your nervous system health is central to your well-being. When there is interference with this loop, you’re not as healthy as you could be. What causes this interference?

Getting Your Nervous System Out of Protection Mode

There are three types of stress sin our world: physical, chemical and emotional. When you encounter these stresses, your body wants to protect itself. A body in protection mode means a damaged nervous system. Our chiropractors' goal is to correct any damage to your nervous system and restore communication back to the brain and body.


Conditions That Chiropractic Addresses

It’s remarkable how many different conditions can be successfully managed with chiropractic care. Here are some of the many that we see:

Auto accident injuries such as whiplash

Back pain

Take that First Step

You don’t have to put up with persistent pain. We want to help you not only get out of pain but get on the path to optimal healing and health. Discover for yourself the many benefits of chiropractic care.

Contact us today for an appointment! We offer free consultations and accept insurance.

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